Samantha Steenwijk takes Yvonne Coldeweijer to court

Samantha Steenwijk takes Yvonne Coldeweijer to court after a claim about the use of illegal diet pills. Although Yvonne has already corrected that, she still wants to get her gram.

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Samantha Steenwijk herself says that thanks to horseback riding she has suddenly lost 22 kilos, but Yvonne Coldeweijer disputes that. The juice queen made a video last month in which she accused the singer of using illegal and dangerous diet pills. “Are you not tracking or something?” she cried.

No A-star

Yvonne came back to it a week and a half later; she rectified her claim on Instagram and later did so again in a video on YouTube. “It is completely untrue according to her and I was not allowed to present that as fact according to her,” said the showbiz hyena.

Now it turns out that Yvonne did that at the request of Samantha’s lawyer. Although she claims to have two sources, Yvonne did not feel like a legal circus. “I think to myself, Samanth isn’t really, well, how can I put it, the juiciest person, right? The video didn’t go very well either. (…) Yes, Samanth is just not very A-star so to speak.”

white letters

Not only did Yvonne post a correction, she also took the video offline. However, Samantha was not satisfied with that rectification. “Because the rectification should not have been allowed in my own words. It had to be just the way they wrote it down. With a black background and white letters, seven minutes on screen or something.”

Yvonne also did not want to tell her viewers that her reporting is ‘untrue’. “Because yes, I think it is true. Why do I have to say it’s false? You have not provided me with any proof that it is false. Just because you say it’s false doesn’t mean it’s true.”


According to Yvonne, it is exaggerated that there are now summary proceedings. “Isn’t it very special that after a rectification you still go to court? Don’t you have anything to do or something? While it has actually already been solved without court intervention, the Dutch state must now get involved in this childish hassle.”

What more does Samantha demand? “I browse a little further and what do you think? Here comes the monkey out of the sleeve. The girl wants 5,000 euros from me. 5,000 euros! To immaterial damage! Oh, oh, oh, I’m a celebrity and I can earn money from my fame! But hey, you can’t gossip about me, because that’s immaterial damage.”


Since Samantha works at RTL Boulevard, that is quite hypocritical according to Yvonne. “Huh?! She herself is hired to gossip at the desk about other celebrities, which she has not researched or heard both sides of at all. This is very hypocritical, isn’t it?”

She hopes the judge is on her side. “The judge must read this and think: but Yvonne has already removed everything and corrected it? What more do you want? A black background? Very exaggerated.”

Beyoncé Steenwijk

According to Yvonne, Samantha lacks the ability to put things into perspective. “With such gossip you think: well, I’m also a celebrity myself, I’m also behind the desk at Boulie, now there’s a gossip about me. Isn’t that just part of it when you’re famous? Then you have also received a rectification and then it is still not good!”

“He thinks she’s Beyoncé or something. Beyonce Steenwijk! (…) I don’t know if it’s a very smart idea, because I think you only get more media that will interfere with it and the only thing that will soon be linked to you is: oh, that’s that girl from those diet pills? I don’t know if this is a very smart thing to do.”


It’s no secret that Samantha has pretty long toes. When Private star Jan Uriot said he thinks Samantha is on television too much, she called him a “failed urine pot.” “Where is your humor and your ability to put things into perspective?”, he then wondered aloud.

Samantha also refused to speak to Veronica Superguide when the magazine proclaimed her ‘BN’er who has lost most of the overkill’ .

The summary proceedings against Yvonne will be submitted to the court in Amsterdam next Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Yvonne’s reaction

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