Samantha Steenwijk is flared by Privé stars Evert Sankrediets and Jan Uriot. They find it hypocritical that she is starting to talk about ‘social interest’ now that her relationship crisis has been leaked.

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    Yvonne Coldeweijer has discovered that Samantha Steenwijk has been brutally cheated by her wife Daisy. She threw out all the details, so the singer couldn’t help but admit it. She did so reluctantly: “Our privacy has been violated without any social interest being served.”

    Evert criticizes Samantha

    What? Is Samantha saying here that show media may only spread news and gossip if it serves a social interest? What was she doing at the desk of RTL Boulevard for years?

    Extremely hypocritical, says Private boss Evert Sankrediets. “The social interest was not always served when she was at the desk of Boulevard and such, and it is also not served when she poses nicely with her friend of: look how much fun we are having,” he says in the newspaper. podcast Strictly Private.

    Good and bad times

    Evert points out that the game between show media and celebrities should be played in good and bad times. “There are good times and bad times of course, so if something comes out that it went a bit less, then you shouldn’t complain about it. Just shake your head once and keep going.”

    He continues: “If you came out together, lauded, well, that’s fine. Then you’re not going to kick the media. I don’t think that’s wise and she really shouldn’t. Anyway, it has now happened and the riot is complete again.”

    Old news?

    Moreover, according to Samantha, it is ‘so long ago’ that ‘retrieving this has absolutely no added value’. Also a valid argument, in Evert’s opinion. “There’s no such thing as old news, right? People say: ‘That’s old news’, but old news, that’s not possible.”

    His star journalist Jan Uriot adds in the section What does Jan think?: “What is social importance, I wonder. For example, if she releases a new CD, is it socially important if I say something about it? I don’t know… But does that lady have any CDs at all? I don’t know. I don’t get hot or cold with that woman.”


    Samantha’s statement: