Danny says in his book that drugs have never played a big role in his life. After the heart attack, he started to take better care of his health.

    Danny turns 80 on September 24th. Atte Kajova

    The book Danny – the whole show, written by Antti Heikkinen, recalls the ups and downs of the life of music advisor Danny, aka Ilkka Lipsanen, who turns 80 on Saturday, September 24. The book discusses, among other things, his interpersonal patterns, which included Erika Vikman and Armi Aavikko, among others.

    Italicized passages are excerpts from the book.

    The book states that Danny has been thinking about the limitations of life and his own death for the past 20 years, that is, since the moments when he turned 60. Danny is said to see death as “inevitable”.

    It is an inevitable consequence of birth. He knows what kind of tombstone he wants. He has also thought about the burial place. The facts are clear. That’s why Danny isn’t too eager to talk about death, let alone giving way to longer sabbaticals after his 60th birthday. Life is too short to be on death row.

    The heart attack made me think

    Danny turned 60 in 2002. Four years later, Danny and his ex-wife Liisa Lipsanen’s marriage ended in divorce. According to the book, the couple broke up amicably, although Danny took the breakup very hard. After the divorce, Danny moved from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi, where he still lives today.

    In the book, it is said that the breakup also affected Danny’s health. He no longer took care of his health in the same way as when he lived with Liisa.

    Danny himself is not worried about his own health. Atte Kajova

    The diabetes that broke out in her fifties was forgotten due to poor treatment, despite the prodding of Leila Salmelainen and other people close to her. The matter was corrected only when Danny had a heart attack in 2010. The scene that struck at the ship gig could have taken the singer’s life if Katja Lukin and Martti Järveläinen had not taken Danny to the hospital.

    At the hospital, Danny was immediately dilated, even though he was taken there against his will. After the heart attack, Danny has taken better care of his health by regularly measuring his blood pressure and sugar levels and taking the necessary medicines.

    – In the end, the heart attack came unexpectedly, even though I had feelings and anxiety in my chest. I hadn’t thought it would be serious. Now I understand that we are living in the extended period here. My father also died of a heart attack.

    Danny says in the book that intoxicants have not been too much a part of his life. He says that he has never touched drugs and the use of alcohol has been minimal due to a tannin allergy.

    Antti Heikkinen’s book Danny – Koko Show (WSOY) will be published on Friday, September 23.

    In January 2022, Danny told about the events of his jubilee year. He turns 80 on Saturday, September 24.