Sam Smith, Kim Petras and the Devil – that’s what the Satanist Church says about it

When Sam Smith and Kim Petras released their song “Unholy” (in German “unheilig”) and the duo from Germany and England also appeared devilishly at the Grammys, it caused a wave of outrage among conservatives. But “everything not so bad” – representatives of the Church of Satan react to this and classify.

Satanists at the Grammy Awards? The Reaction of Conservatives and Satanists

During the Grammy Awards ceremony on February 5, 2023, Sam Smith and Kim Petras gave a devilish rendition of their hit song. Petras performed alongside drag stars Violet Chachki and Gottmik dressed as devils, dancing in a cage surrounded by fire. Smith wore a bright red top hat sprouting devil horns for the final chorus. The two made history for the LGBTQ community that night: Petras is the first trans woman to win an award in the Best Pop Duo/Best Group Performance category.

But instead of celebrating Conservative viewers and politicians criticized the performances as promoting Satan worship. For example, right-wing US Senator Ted Cruz reposted a video on Twitter posted by conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler with the words “Don’t fight the Kulturkampf they say. Meanwhile, demons teach your children to worship Satan. I could puke.” Cruz commented, “That…is…bad.”

But the demonic hype should now turn out to be a smokescreen – at least in the eyes of the “Church of Satan”.

According to Billboard, David Harris, a Master of Science in the Satanist Church, watched the Grammy performance and found that it “didn’t hint at anything particularly devilish, other than some funny costumes.” In an interview with “TMZ” Harris said he thought Smith and Petras’ performance was “okay” and “nothing special.”

Some anti-Sam/Kim tweets from US politicians referred to the “Satanic Temple” – a different group than the Church of Satan – but Harris shoots back on behalf of all Satanists, saying, “It’s sad when Politicians on a national stage using someone’s religion as a punchline.”

The performance:

That’s what Kim Petras tells her critics

Petras argued in her Grammy speech that those who were upset about it were also the ones who directly inspired her for the song: “It’s about the fact that you don’t get to choose your religion and you can’t live like you do people might want it. I think a lot of people have labeled what I stand for and what Sam represents as ‘religiously uncool’. Personally, I grew up wondering about religion and being a part of it, but then I slowly realized that she doesn’t want me to be a part of her.”

Lil Nas X is more devilish, says the Satanist Church

Incidentally, the Church of Satan called the music video for Lil Nas X’s “Montero” significantly “diabolical” and that it was “actually a lot more proactive than anything Sam or Kim did, at least in a satanic sense.”