Salvador Illa replies to Pere Aragonès that he has to “give in” if he wants to agree on the budgets

“It is difficult for ERC to understand that it has to negotiate and, therefore, give“This is the diagnosis made by the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illaon the negotiation of budgets, in which he continues to bet on not touching the tax folder and on guaranteeing the promotion of projects such as the leisure complex hard rock. The head of the opposition did not like anything that the ‘president’ Pere Aragones used part of his Sant Esteve speech to put pressure on his party and ask “responsibility” so that the agreement for the 2023 accounts is closed and has replied that it has been since the end of August reaching out hand to the Government despite the fact that his offer was systematically rejected for months.

“The person responsible for the fact that in Catalonia there are no new budgets in force on January 1 is from Aragonès,” he responded in an interview with SER Catalunya. The Socialists plan to do this week public balance sheet of the state of the negotiation, that Illa has warned that it is being done “quick and running” after the ‘president’ changed his mind and decided to include the PSC in the arithmetic to approve them. “It will not be an accession. The responsibility is also to have one’s feet on the ground”, warned the head of the opposition, who once again pointed out that the Government “has collapsed” with only 18 months to live and that Aragonès has to assume that his force is limited to 33 deputies.

In fact, the PSC insists that, even though an agreement has already been sealed with the eight deputies of the ‘communs’, this does not oblige them to do anything and that the Government erred not prioritizing the group that won the elections. He has pointed to the two folders that for now make the pact more difficult. On the one hand, she has remembered that there is a “very broad consensus” in Parliament to promote investment in the hard rockas well as to bet on the airport expansion del Prat and the fourth belt between Terrassa and Sabadell, all of them projects that the ‘communs’ strongly oppose. On the other, he has stressed that “this is not the time” to touch taxes, another of the mainstays of the Government’s agreement with the group of Jessica Albiach, because the Government has already implemented that of the bank or that of the electric companies.

The leader of the Catalan socialists has also once again insisted that Aragonès “it tastes perfectly” that a referendum will not be held in Catalonia and he has been “disappointed” because the ‘president’ continues “setting impossible horizons” instead of betting on horizons “reasonable”, such as ceasing to function “by inertia” and leading Spain economically. In this sense, he recalled that when he opted for the clarity agreement in the general policy debate, the result was that the Executiu ended up breaking up.

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In any case, Illa has presumed that the Socialists have been capable of end the independence unit and the unilateral path and to replace confrontation with the dynamics of dialogue. Once again, he has once again stressed that the table that is pending is not that of Moncloa with the Government, but that of the Catalan parties, where his group wants to bet on a improvement of self-governancethe economic boost and to resolve pending issues such as approving a Catalan electoral law.

The head of the opposition has regretted that instead of following this path and betting on the path of “cooperation based on loyalty” the Catalan executive is installed in the “culture of permanent complaint”. An attitude that he has also attributed to the mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colauafter the campaign that has been launched in the last hours to claim the president Pedro Sanchez to freeze the rental price in the third package of anti-crisis measures that the Government will approve this Tuesday. “Mrs. Colau is lover of sensationalism and not effectiveness. His party sits on the Council of Ministers, “she snapped at him.