Sabatini: “Roma owes something to Spalletti. Zaniolo? He is not guilty of anything ” news As Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos

The words of the former Giallorossi sports director: “The Giallorossi could have recalled Spalletti. There has always been a latent conflict between Zaniolo and the club that has never been resolved”

Walter Sabatiniwho spoke to the microphones of Radio Marscame back to talk about Rome. Among the various topics covered, too the relationship between Luciano Spalletti and the Giallorossi club: “I’m very happy for my friend Luciano, I think he can fully complain about something in his career. Roma owes him a little, for example, they could have called him back and didn’t, but this is just my opinion.Today Spalletti has reached perfection with Napoli and for this reason he doesn’t even have to say a word, the facts speak for themselves.” The former sporting director then had his say on the Zaniolo case:Between him and Roma there has always been a latent conflict that has never been resolved. All the angry supporters are on the boy now, but he is not guilty of anything in particular.” Sabatini he then concluded: “If he doesn’t want to go to Bournemouth, that’s understandable. It’s not that Liverpool made the offer.”