It all started with a bet between “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds and his colleague Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”): If McElhenney manages to learn Welsh, Reynolds will make his colonoscopy public. McElhenney managed at least a few fluent sentences – and actually Reynolds now divided Videos on YouTubein which he undergoes the procedure.

    But the action has a more serious background: in partnership with the organization for colon cancer prevention “Lead From Behind” to promote cancer screening through colonoscopies. And sure enough, Reynolds’ doctor found a polyp that might have developed into a tumor and was able to safely remove it.

    “Normally, I would never have any medical procedure filmed and then shared,” Reynolds said. “But it’s not every day that you can raise awareness about something that will surely save lives. That’s motivation enough for me to share with you guys getting a camera shoved up my butt.”

    “It was possibly life-saving for you,” emphasizes the attending physician in the video. “I’m not overly dramatic when I say that. That’s exactly why you do it.” Reynolds didn’t have any symptoms, so he couldn’t have known about the polyp without the screening. “Quite simply: It saves lives.”

    McElhenney didn’t lose a bet, but he also shows his colonoscopy in the video. Three small polyps were also found on him and removed. In Germany, colonoscopies for cancer screening are paid for by health insurance from the age of 55. In the US, screening is recommended from the age of 45.

    The two actors bought Welsh football club Wrexham AFC together a few years ago. Since August 2022 they have been starring in the series Welcome to Wrexham, which focuses on their work for the club.

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