Ryan Gosling’s dance made us laugh on the set of Barbie – Video behind the scenes of the funny scene

In the music video, you can see how the funny scene was filmed.

Achieved phenomenal success Barbie does a lot of work in Finland too. Finns have bought more than half a million tickets for the film, which stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Gosling will be seen playing the role of Ken, which has made viewers’ hearts melt. Role work has not only tickled the laughter nerves of the viewers, but also of the creators.

Atlantic Records has released a music video I’m Just Ken -song, which has become one in a short time Barbie– of the film’s top moments. Gosling performs a song that is by Mark Ronson and of Andrew Wyatt handwriting.

If the video doesn’t appear, watch it from this link.

The music video consists of behind-the-scenes footage. It shows how the song is recorded and especially how the scenes seen in the background of the song are filmed.

Gosling makes director Greta Gerwig laugh with his swagger and charismatic interpretation. The video also shows how the Actors practiced fencing and choreography.

Ryan Gosling has had a crush even before Barbie. PDO