Rutger Castricum spotted in tight leggings: ‘With ass backwards’

Rutger Castricum (44) is a vain man. His quiff now reaches the studio lights and protein powder is suddenly his favorite drink. “I saw him in the gym. In tight leggings!”

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Today Inside colleagues Rutger Castricum and Sam Hagens share the same gym and regularly meet each other between the dumbbells. Very nice, but Sam thinks Rutger should dress a bit more masculine. It is now starting to become very vain, the political reporter thinks.

Ass back

Their boss Wilfred Genee talks about it during a chat for the column In The Walkways. “Did you really meet at the gym? Is that really true, or not?”

Rutger: “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Sam then makes a spicy revelation: “Do you know what he was wearing? Very tight leggings, very tight leggings. With a sweatband on his head, he stood like this, with his ass back, in front of the mirror. Really and truly!”


The discomfort is now radiating from Rutger. He responds: “With his ass backwards?! It just depends on how you look at me… ‘With his ass backwards.’”

Wilfred: “Is it correct or not?”

Rutger jokes: “I wasn’t wearing tight leggings at all. I was just wearing wide pants. I was wearing shorts like that with those pockets on the side, so it’s not right. It is not right.”

Growing buddies

Sam leaves it at that. “Hahaha. We are growing buddies now. We train together.”

Rutger: “I occasionally put a powder like that in his mouth!”

Sam: “Yes, such a scoop!”

Wilfred: “Great!”