Russian fighters enter unsuspecting booby-trapped building. Then Ukrainians push detonator | War Ukraine and Russia

A group of Russian fighters was ambushed by the Ukrainian army in Bachmut. The Ukrainians had booby-trapped a building and waited patiently for the Russians to enter. When they finally did, the Ukrainian military pushed the detonator.


Mar 28 2023

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Footage of the ambush was shared by the UMFT – UA Military Flight team. They were made by the 93rd Mechanized Brigade (Kholodnyi Yar), a unit of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. They were once described as “one of the most brutally effective units” of Ukraine’s front-line brigades.

The video shows a building in the eastern town of Bachmoet. Moments later, a heavy explosion follows on the ground floor of the building, part of which collapses and a huge plume of smoke rises.


“A group of Russian occupiers of eight to ten men entered the building, where some great gifts were waiting for them,” said the UMFT. “They were from the great 93rd Brigade ‘Kholodnyi Yar’. Do you think the Russians liked it ?” he sneered.

© Telegram/UMFT – UA Military Flight team

Bachmut has been besieged for months by Russian troops and fighters from the mercenary army of the Wagner Group. So far they have not succeeded in conquering the city.

Last week, British intelligence and the Ukrainian army said the Russian siege had “broadly stalled” and that the Ukrainians were “able to stabilize the situation”.


Last Monday, Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin said his men controlled about 70 percent of the city. But the front line hardly seems to shift.

LOOK. Wagner boss Prigozhin: “Bachmoth is practically surrounded”

Bachmoet once had 70,000 inhabitants, but is now largely in ruins. The city itself is not of great strategic importance, but by holding out as long as possible while causing damage to the Russians, Kiev hopes to slow down Russian advances elsewhere on the front. According to Western estimates, 20,000 to 30,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded in the Battle of Bachmut.

With the time Kiev buys by holding out in Bachmut, it hopes to prepare a counterattack. On Thursday, a top commander of the Ukrainian army said such a counter-offensive against “the exhausted Russian troops” is imminent.

ANALYSIS. Putin can continue to fight for a long time, but he will not do so indefinitely (+)