Russian artillery kills eight in Ukraine

Russian artillery has killed in the last few hours eight people and has hurt others 13 in the town of Lyman, located in the Donetsk region. According to the evening report issued by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, Russian forces have made several attempts to advance in this region, without success. At least 10 locations and towns have been bombed with artillery.

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The aforementioned attack occurred around 10:00 in the morningto, as reported the local governor loyal to kyiv, Pavlo Kirilenko. At least six people have lost their lives. “A house and a store have been damaged, the police are at workleaving at the scene”, he reported in his Telegram account. The population is a strategic railway junction for both sides. The Ukrainian side has claimed to have repelled assaults and attacks from pro-Russian positions.

mourning and hope

Ukraine commemorates this weekend the anniversary of 500 days after the start of the invasiondebating between mourning and the hope. On the one hand, Ukrainians go these days to cemeteries and memorials to remember their dead. On the other hand, successes in Kherson and Kharkov regions allow the Ukrainians to think that the final defeat of the powerful neighbor to the south opened the possibility of achieving a victory on the battlefield supported by the weaponry of the west.