Russia is determined to take Bakhmut before the new weapons from the West arrive

Russia is putting all the meat on the grill to achieve conquer bakhmutthe prized town of Donbas, before they go into action, in a few weeks, the supplied tanks for the West. This hackneyed and blunt metaphor could capture with surprising accuracy what is happening on Ukraine’s eastern war front. Because, according to kyiv, the Russian Army does not stop sending the assault to waves of menmost of which are annihilated on the same front line, with the aim of move alongeven if it is a few meters.

The governor of the Russian occupation authorities in the Donetsk province, Denis Pushlinhas assured that his troops had managed to enter and fix positions in the town of vuhledar, a small mining town that, despite the ups and downs, had remained under Ukrainian control since the start of the war. With the aim of closing the pincer and hindering supplies in bakhmutthe Wagner group, accused of sending prisoners to the front to be used as cannon fodder, focused its attacks on the population of Blahodane. While the Russian side claimed to be under their control, the Ukrainian side instead maintained that the fighting continued.

The Ukrainian president himself, Volodimir Zelensky, has confirmed the criticality of the situation in the entire Donbas. “The situation is very difficult; Bakhmut, Vuhledar and other sections of the Donetsk region are under constant attack,” the head of state admitted. “The enemy does not care about his own people, and despite the high number of casualties, he maintains a high intensity of attacks,” he noted.

Colonel and military analyst Mikola Salamakha has provided the same version of events, although more harshly, to the local station from radio NV. “The city is on a plateau and a strong defensive position has been established there,” she stressed. “It is a repetition of what happened in Bakhmut; a wave of Russian soldiers after another destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces,” he concluded.

No progress since November

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Since the end of November, when the Russian troops they withdrew from Khersonon the western edge of the dnieper riverallowing the Ukrainian side to retake a city whose control they lost in the first days of the conflict, the kyiv Army has not achieved additional advances, allowing its enemy to recover the military initiative on the Donbas front and subject it to constant pressure thanks to the prisoners recruited by the wagner group, released in waves on the Ukrainian positions. The carnage that this military tactic is generating was well reflected when images of Yevgeny Prigozhinthe leader of Wagner, entering a morgue full of corpses and almost joking about what happened: “These contracts have already expired; they return home“.

According to Institute for the Study of War (ISW)has been indecision of the West when it comes to supplying weapons, which has allowed Russia to materialize small land advances, in turn putting sticks in the wheels of the Ukrainian Army’s ability to launch new offensives. “The failure in the delivery of the necessary material” by the West has stopped “Ukrainian advances” since November. “Russia wants prolong the war and exhaust our strength; we must make time our weapon,” Zelensky wished.