Russia admits more than 9,000 men were wrongly mobilized last year | War Ukraine and Russia

LOOK. In September last year, Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia

In reality, critics say, many more Russians were illegally recruited during the mobilization announced by Putin last September. Moreover, many of them may never have returned home. Especially in the first few weeks, abuses in the military recruiting offices were reported in many places. These centers mobilized a total of 300,000 men for the front throughout the country. Attorney General Krasnov previously described the military structures in his country as “a lot of serious problems”.

Video messages from wives and mothers of mobilized Russians are currently circulating on social media, directed at Putin. The women from Primorye, the most southeastern region in the Russian Far East, complain, among other things, that their husbands lack equipment and medicines. In addition, there are no hygiene products, which means that lice and scabies are breaking out among the soldiers.

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