Runeberg tarts in the test – The overwhelming winner

Iltalehti’s jury tasted 10 runeberg tarts.

In Iltalehti’s runeberg tart test, ten different tarts were tasted.

Runeberg tarts were bought this week from three shops in the center of Helsinki. The S and K Group and Lidl stores were included. Prices may vary in different stores.

The test scores were given as school grades 4-10. Eeva Paljakka

The great taste differences of the tarts will surprise the jury. A few didn’t even taste like runeberg tarts. The jury assembled from Iltalehti’s editorship was strict in its portion of points.

There were ten different runeberg tarts in the test. Eeva Paljakka

Perheleipuri Salonen from Turku became the winner. It was praised as a basic good runeberg tart, where everything was in balance.

The winner received good marks from all members of the jury. For the other runeberg tarts, the scores were more divided: some liked it, some didn’t.

The tarts of Fazer Leipomoi and Elonen from Jämsälä took the second place in the test.

There was also a big change in appearance. The jury knocked out tarts baked in muffin tins.

The most expensive runeberg tarts from Tuusula’s Ph7 in the test cost more than 6 euros, but they did not rise to the top, because the taste lacked moisture and the characteristic taste of a runeberg tart.

Even the cheapest tarts in the test did not make it to the top three.

Both the taste and appearance of the test tarts varied greatly. Eeva Paljakka

1. Family baker Salonen

Price: €4.99

Score: 9-


– Maybe too sugary, but good.

– Basic good. Not disappointing, but not surprising.

– Excellent taste, all elements in balance. Humid, maybe even too so. Otherwise, good composition, no accidents. A little too light for my taste.

– Beautiful, well-proportioned appearance. The composition is pleasantly moist, the taste is soft and balanced.

2. Fazer bakeries

Price: €5.89

Score: 8-


– This is also too dry, coincidences. Strong arrack and bitter almond.

– Liquor! Bitter almond! Genuinely raspberry jam with seeds and days. There could have been more white frosting.

– Too light and smooth aftertaste. Does not hook.

– An excessively small jam eye. The dough is good, but a little dry.

2. Elonen

Price: €4.19

Score: 8-


– Looks pleasing to the eye, to others the best looking. A lemony taste that is immediately recognizable. This is Elonen. Otherwise, the taste is mild. Good composition.

– A generous amount of white frosting. Soft, balanced taste.

– The dough is too dry, but the big and delicious jam is heavy.

– Strange lemon essence.

4. Phaser

Price: €5.75



– Too many coincidences, suitable composition. Strong bitter almond.

– A crumbly, airy texture. Nice bitter almond taste.

– The best appearance. The taste is homemade.

– A basic beautiful tart. Good jam and taste, a little dry.

5. Fairytale

Price: €5.20

Score: 7


– Strong punch and bitter almond, not too dry. Good middle caste, but leaves a lot to be desired.

– Nice mouthfeel: not too dry, not too moist. The taste has a versatile nuance.

– Tasty dough and jam, but the tart is too dry.

– Dry, taste negligible.

6. Lidl’s Delux

Price: €3.49

Score: 7-


– There is also jam in the middle of the tart. A little too moist. This doesn’t taste like runeberg tart.

– Wet. Jam also inside. Mild spices, lots of sweetness.

– A basic good tart. Here, too, the bottom has remained drier. A bit industrial looking.

– A bit bland, too much tasteless jam, nice almond grits.

7. Rust

Price: €3.79

Score: 6+


– The most beautiful looking tart. Lots of flavor but too moist. Is there rum in this?

– Beautiful appearance. Really moist and slightly sticky texture. The bitterness pierces through the taste.

– Doughy. You wouldn’t recognize it as a runeberg torte.

– Now it tastes right. Good humidity.

8. Ph7

Price: €6.45

Score: 6


– Muffin-like. Good taste, but this doesn’t taste like a runeberg tart. Dark, nice coincidences.

– Low, dark. The composition is on the drier side, the taste even has a slightly burnt note. Plenty of jam.

– The taste is a little disappointing. A dry cake. I missed moisture and bitter almond oil.

– Smells like a bun, and doesn’t really taste like anything. Like dry cake.

9. Bread bakery

Price: €4.99

Score: 5+


– Dry. The taste is not pleasant, nothing to say. The surface of the jam has also dried out. Not attractive looking, would stay on the store shelf.

– Pink ring, homemade looking because made in a muffin tin. The texture is also muffin-like. Mild taste.

– Good-tasting jam and sugar coating. The tart itself is dry.

– Too much icing sugar, crumbles too much

10. Laitila bread

Price: €5.99

Score: 5


– I wouldn’t pick it up in the shopping cart because of the appearance. Christmas flavor, rubbery texture. Not dry, but not wet. Dry jam.

– Jam eye that looks dried out. The taste is too bland.

– No runaberg idiosyncrasy.

– Dry tart. Frustration. How can jam taste so dry?