Ruim 140 Groenlande women sue Denemarken aan voor gedwongen anticonceptie | Buitenland

143 people from Groenland have a voice in the German state. The most recent years of the 1960s and 1970s are spiraling in the world and can be touched. Sommigen van hen were still maar net employees.

Op de Schadenclaim the de women in October last year indienden, kwam volgens hun advocaat Mads Pramming geen antwoord. To this end, the Inuit women were entitled to a loss of 300,000 German crowns (about 40,000 euros). “Hun human rights are spared”, Aldus Pramming. “There are two of us who can be seen.”

“Well, the damage claims have been reported to others. The oudste is 85 years old,” Aldus Pramming. Tijdens de periode van gedwongen anticonceptie kregen zowat 4,500 een spiralaltje brought zonder hun toestemming of the van hun family. Dead for kort ontdekten Greenland gynecologists and voorbehoedsmiddelen bij women who don’t know that he has a drug.

Anticonceptual insult

On the 60th year of Denemarken there is an anti-conceptual problem with the geboortecijfer on the Arctic island. The region’s home was founded in 1953 by the sea colony, which was left under the control of the people. Greenland Kreeg in 2009 de status of autonomous area.

A reeks podcasts gebaseerd op de national archives en uitgezonden in het voorjaar van 2022 door de Deense openbare omroep ‘DR’ onthulde de omvang van de campaignne. A special commission on the anti-conceptual issue, which started last year, will be made public in 2025. “What this concerns, is the commission and hair that is not relevant,” says the advocate. “Ze zal geen uitspraak doen over the vraag of the right to be spared, maar de Rechtbank zal dat wel kunnen doen.”

In 2022, the Inuit made excuses in a shameful way, and in two years the families were separated from the people who had an experiment with a German-speaking elite on the island that was created.

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