Rubius will have to pay 73,000 euros for defrauding the Treasury


10/16/2023 at 07:27


He must pay the almost 50,000 euros that he did not pay and another 23,000 in fines

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has confirmed the resolution that convicted the youtuber Rubén Doblas, El Rubiusto pay a total of 73,000 euros for defrauding Tax authorities in 2013.

The ruling of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TSJM, released now and which is appealable, dismisses the appeal filed by the company Snofokk, belonging to El Rubius, against the decision of the Regional Economic Administrative Court of Madrid of January 2020.

This Court had rejected the claim raised by the YouTuber’s company against the settlement of the Income referring to 2013 for an amount of 15,979 euros to be returned, and confirmed that pay almost 50,000 euros that were not taxed and another 23,000 in fines.

After analyzing how the Treasury calculated that figure and the arguments put forward by the youtuber’s company and by the State Attorney’s Office, the Court concludes that “services provided by Mr. Doblas to the related company were the same as those provided to third parties. through him”, which justifies recalculating what El Rubius had initially declared. He adds that the Tax Administration carried out this calculation using the comparable free price method, which is “in accordance with Law”, and that El Rubius obtained an “undue tax advantage” by paying taxes through corporate tax instead of as an individual. The ruling emphasizes that “the plaintiff company did not provide any relevant added value to obtain the income.”

The Chamber details that in 2013 Snofokk, which earned 230,344 euros, paid its main partner – Rubius had 98% of the share capital – a total of 98,760 euros for the provision of its professional services, which were “coinciding with those society lent to independent third parties, which consist of the direct and personal intervention of Mr. Rubén Doblas”. However Snoffokk”I had no workers or collaborators“, but only various computer equipment, video camera and headphones.

The Rubius announced in 2021 that moved to live in Andorra, where they pay less for their activity, as other content creators had already done.