RTV Drenthe comes with its own ‘Kieskompas’ for national elections

Three more weeks and then we can go to the polls to elect a new House of Representatives. To help people choose their ballot box on November 22, the regional broadcasters have drawn up a voting aid together with Kieskompas. The voting guide has a large number of statements that are the same for every province, but there are also three statements that specifically relate to Drenthe.

By completing the statements, voters can find out which party comes closest to their own positions. The statements relating to Drenthe were drawn up by journalists from RTV Drenthe and are about themes that play a role in their own province. Each province has its own unique voting guide.

“By adding our own positions in each province, national politics is brought close to home. For people from Drenthe, for example, it is very important what national politicians think about the wolf, or the disappearance of facilities in the countryside. Kieskompas helps people to to go to the polls well informed on November 22,” says Margreet Gort, RTV Drenthe elections project leader.

If the voting tool does not work, click here.

The regional broadcasters that contributed to the voting assistance are Omrop Fryslân, RTV Noord, RTV Drenthe, RTV Oost, Omroep Gelderland, RTV Utrecht, Omroep Flevoland, NH Nieuws, Omroep West, Rijnmond, Omroep Zeeland, Omroep Brabant and L1.

For people who find politics complicated, there is also a variant of the voting aid with a so-called avatar: Steffie. He reads out the statements and explains complicated words.