‘RTL 4 can also get rid of Matthijs without a clause’

Bram Moszkowicz states that RTL 4 could also terminate the contract with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk without a termination clause. “The judge will point to fairness and reasonableness.”


Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has only just started at his new employer RTL 4 and he is already inactive. The new stories that have come out about him are so intense that TV boss Peter van der Vorst sees no other option than their collaboration on hold to put. But will his contract continue? And will he continue to receive his salary?

‘Otherwise RTL hangs’

If that is the case, then Matthijs is a very expensive purchase. According to Rob Goossens, it is almost inevitable that the presenter’s contract contains a termination clause, which allows RTL to easily discharge him. But it could also be that Matthijs negotiated it out to have more certainty.

Private boss Evert Santegoeds would find that very painful for RTL, he says Show news. “I hope that there is a clause in the contract that states: if there are any new things, it will all be cancelled, otherwise RTL will be suspended for a few years.”

No clause needed

Colleague Bram Moszkowicz states that RTL does not need a termination clause at all. “I think there is such a clause in it and then they can get rid of him, but even if that clause is not in it, I think a judge – if he were to go to court – would say: ‘Yes, but fairness and reasonableness means that RTL can get rid of you.’”

Celebrity photographer William Rutten: “On the other hand, a judge could also say: ‘Yes, but listen, you didn’t wait for the investigation yourself.’”

Blunt farmer

Bram qualifies that. “Yes, that is true, but then those criminal offenses actually became known. The fact that he played the Champions League and was a rude brat, that’s about it. That’s not good either.”

He continues: “But I think a judge… If there is a clause, then we’ll be done in no time. And if that clause is not there, then a judge could well say: ‘Afterwards, those criminal offenses became known and RTL can get rid of you.’”


RTL has a collaboration with Matthijs on hold or has the commencement date of his contract also been suspended until further notice? According to Angela de Jong, that is not entirely clear.

She finally agrees On 1: “These are all things we don’t know the ins and outs about. Of course, there is also another contract, with the producer that Matthijs employs, and that makes it all very opaque.”