Royal expert fears consequences of new revelation: “Add petrol to the flames”

Royal expert Afua Hagan is concerned about the consequences of the renewed debate over Princess Lilibet’s name.

The royal expert is worried about the consequences of a recent book claim, reports Newsweek.

Daily Mail Royal Correspondent Robert Hardman writes in his book, which will be published on Thursday, January 18 The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy queen Elizabeth’s to have been “angrier than ever” when he heard that his grandson, the prince Harry had named his daughter To Lilibet.

The novelty book tells about the name of Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandchild. PDO

Born in 2021, Princess Lilibet Diana was named after the queen’s private nickname. At the time, Harry assured the Queen that she had given her blessing to use the name.

Royal Expert Afua Hagan tells Newsweek that she fears the new book allegation will further deepen the rift between Harry and the rest of the royal family.

– We had a discussion about Lilibet’s name at the time of her birth. It’s nasty to go jogging again in this anthill, Haga’s dungeon.

Harry’s relationship with the rest of the royal family has been strained in recent years. PDO

Hagan says the new claim will once again fuel talk that everything Harry and the Duchess do Meghan’s saying would be a lie.

– This tightens the situation and certainly pours more gasoline on the flames.

Hagan thinks that twisting the name of a 2-year-old little princess is mean.

Hagan believes that Harry and Meghan kept their daughter’s name as a sweet gesture towards the Queen. PDO

The expert is also convinced that Harry and Meghan did not want to offend with their choice of name.

– They probably thought it was a sweet gesture. Whether the queen really felt that way, we will never know, because she is no longer among us, Hagan reflects.

The book revelation, published in advance, has caused a lot of commotion in royal circles.

The Daily Mail supplier Rebecca English writes that Elisabet said to her assistants:

– I don’t own palaces, I don’t own paintings. All I own is my name. And now they’ve taken it.

In addition to daughter Lilibet, born in summer 2021, Harry and Meghan have a 4-year-old son, Prince Archie. PDO

The majority of Queen Elizabeth’s female descendants are named after her. Princesses carry the name Elizabeth as part of their name lashes, among others Anneprincess Charlotte and the princess Beatrice’s daughter Sienna.

Instead, there is only one Lilibet.