Rough information about Lauri Markkanen’s match

The game between the Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors will not be played.

Lauri Markkanen has been in a great mood lately. AOP / USA TODAY SPORTS

The match between Lauri Markkanen’s Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors will not be played Finnish time on the night between Wednesday and Thursday.

The NBA said the reason for the transfer was a medical emergency in the Warriors’ team.

ESPN reported earlier on Wednesday that Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojevic suffered a “sudden and severe seizure” during dinner Tuesday night at a restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Milojevic, 46, was immediately rushed to the hospital. The Warriors said on Wednesday that they would inform about the coach’s condition “as needed”.

The NBA will announce the new date for the Jazz-Warriors match later.

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Milojevic has been the Warriors’ assistant coach since 2021. During his career, the Serbian played 15 years in Europe and cooled off on basketball courts in Serbia, Spain, Montenegro and Turkey.