Rome, Zaniolo and Bournemouth’s offer.

Hours of reflection for the player: the club has received an offer from the Cherries: 27.5 million, plus 4.5 bonus plus 10 percent on the resale. Today the meeting between the player’s agent and the English

A night vision of Rome, first immortalized and then removed. The sign of a thousand thoughts that first scratch the heart of the mind. These are hours of reflection for Nicolò Zaniolo. The boy welcomed like a son by the Rome galaxy, but who now would like to leave the capital to grow up elsewhere. Or maybe not? Nicoló is also trying to understand this and last night he wanted to take a ride in the car to once again savor “his” Rome. A walk in the moonlight that took him up to the hill of the Monte Ciocci park, where he could not help but take a photo of the panorama and publish it among his Instagram stories. Except to delete it shortly after. A gesture that seems to reflect the boy’s state of mind, more uncertain than ever which path to choose.

Trip to England

After AC Milan’s turnaround, the only club to have presented an offer to Roma is Bournemouth – there are 27.5 million on the plate, plus 4.5 million in bonuses plus 10 percent on the possible resale – but the destination is not seems to convince the boy. At least for now. Yes, because – although the operation remains complicated – manager Claudio Vigorelli flies to England this morning to meet the management of the “Cherries” and listen to the club’s offer. In fact, at the moment Zaniolo is not convinced of accepting a team fighting not to relegate but, despite everything, it would be crazy not even to sit down at the negotiating table to evaluate the proposal from the English. If during the chat with the technical director Richard Hughes the attacker’s manager were to receive an important offer of engagement for his client, perhaps things could change. Perhaps. A scenario that is still difficult to imagine, but which in the last days of the market continues to fuel the hopes of the Roma management. If the approximately 30 million requested by Tiago Pinto should actually arrive from the sale of the number 22, the Portuguese GM would try to launch the assault on Zyiech and deliver to José Mourinho a reinforcement capable of immediately raising the level of the squad. At the moment, however, everything depends on Zaniolo. And time is running out