Rome, the cards to convince Dybala to stay

Paulo wanted the Champions League, but by beating Spezia you avoid the Conference. And on the contract…

If there were a film to be shot, “the bitter tears of Paulo Dybala” in the Budapest night, perhaps they would need a Rainer Werner Fassbinder to be told. There were many things in that lump of water and salt. The sorrow for the defeat itself against a beatable Sevilla, the bitterness for a wrong refereeing, the pain for yet another vanishing victory in a European cup with a club’s shirt and the frustration for the farewell to next season’s Champions League . Unless, surprisingly, the roads between Joya and Roma were to separate. Possible? One thing is certain: beating Spezia today and qualifying for the Europa League would help the marriage. In the coming days, however, everything will be known. Jorge Antun, the striker’s agent, is already in Rome and will be at the Olimpico today to watch the match against Spezia, before meeting GM Pinto next week and deciding on the future.

Antun in Rome

The story is known. Dybala has a 12 million release clause in his contract valid only for abroad, which however can be neutralized thanks to an agreed increase in wages from the current 4.5 million to 6 million per season. However, it cannot be triggered by the club, but by the player. Despite the Argentine’s extraordinary season, the situation is still at the moment. Paulo is doing very well in Rome, so much so that he stung his compatriot Palacios from Leverkusen, who had spoken of “Mou’s bus”. “They had 180′ for a goal and they didn’t even disallow one.” Moral: he doesn’t want to go to other Italian teams, and of foreign situations that may be in his favor, at almost thirty years of age, there are only Spain and France. And this would mean Real Madrid – which he dreamed of as a child – and PSG. That they are also Mou’s possible destinations, however, is just a coincidence. Of course, one element that will weigh will be the cup. One thing is the Europa League, another the Conference, which gives little visibility. And this, for a Joya aiming for the next World Cup, would not be a joy.

Dan at training

This is why beating Spezia today is important, as is the green light from Dan Friedkin, yesterday in Trigoria to watch training. By the way, the climate between the president and Mou remains on hold. In the sense that, net of courtesies, from an operational point of view we haven’t really gotten into the merits yet, although Mourinho seems more convinced to stay. However, among the many things that the two will have to discuss there is also Dybala. But finding an agreement on this won’t be a problem at all. Everyone wants a Joya like that.