Rome, Mourinho ends up in the sights

One point in three games and a game that doesn’t convince. The arrival of the Belgian striker is no longer enough. And criticism rained down on the Portuguese coach

Lukaku’s arrival had electrified the Giallorossi environment, but the team’s results, one point in three games. they are dampening the enthusiasm. And on social media, right now, he’s the only one responsible: José Mourinho.

the criticisms

The Special One is targeted by criticisms: “Indecent match”; “Ridiculous athletic training”; “A shot on goal and the referee is to blame”; “The team doesn’t have a game, there isn’t an identity”; “He doesn’t get to eat panettone, these are just some of the tweets, the less harsh ones, against the coach. And how did Mourinho react?

in silence

At the end of the match, the Portuguese decided not to speak. Mou had protested in the first half and criticized the decision to grant the penalty to Milan for a foul by Rui Patricio on Loftus-Cheek. A choice that many do not approve of on social media: “He has to put his face on it!”.