Roman Rotenberg spoke about killing: “It was an order”

According to Rotenberg, an attempt was made to kill his players.

Roman Rotenberg overcooked. PDO

Roman Rotenberg, the head coach of KHL club St. Petersburg SKA, was enraged when his team lost to Avangard Omski 5–9. To write about it Sport-Express.

The oligarch was angered by the situation in which his players Sergei Tolchinsky and Alex Galchenyuk felt hard.

Omg Nikita Holodilin first tackled Tolchinkin ugly from the back to the wing and then hit Galchenyuk on the surface of the ice when he came to defend his teammate with his fists.

The jury only gave Holodin a two-minute suspension for violence. The tackle did not result in a penalty, and that’s why Rotenberg got fired up. He said it was an attempted murder.

– When the opponent went to kill Tolchinki, I think it was an order From Mihail Kravets (head coach of Omsk). He did the same things in his time at SKA. That’s not right. Why kill players on the ice? We should be playing hockey, Rotenberg fumed to the press.

– This matter needs to be clarified, because this was not the first time that something like this has happened. I remember when too Artyom Lukoyanov tried to kill here in exactly the same way.

You can see a video of the tackle and the fight in section 1.59 of the video.