Roma-Juve, Allegri: “Kean put us in trouble”

The Juve coach: “We didn’t make the most of the opportunities created, we mustn’t give in to frustration”

“In the first half we could have done better – said the Juve coach Max Allegri after the knockout with Roma -, as well as in the chances we created and on the expulsion. Kean made a mistake: he had suffered a foul, and got himself sent off Perhaps he was nervous because he hadn’t played. He apologized, but he put the team in difficulty. In 9 minutes he could have been decisive. But now we mustn’t get frustrated, the boys deserve compliments for what they’re doing.”

Match analysis

“We were aware of the difficulties, Roma are a grumpy team anyway, they don’t concede, already having built up these chances against Roma isn’t easy. In the first half we could have done something more, but they ran a lot, many of their players finished the game with cramps, in difficulty. At the end of the first half they were already giving up between the lines, with the midfielders, then unfortunately we conceded this goal where we could defend better. We could already manage the ball better from the goalpost, then this is football , you can’t score and you go out defeated. Even in the end we had a good chance with Danilo, then unfortunately there was also a red card after 40 seconds.”

Present and future

“We have to be serene, even after a draw the world seems to collapse on you, but it doesn’t. We have to keep working, what happens won’t depend on the pitch. We have to finish in the top four and we’re currently second: we’ve scored 50 points “. So Max Allegri, Juventus coach, to Dazn, after the knockout against Roma. “After the goal, Locatelli got up a lot, while Rabiot got down. We needed more order, there were 35 minutes left and we could turn the game around. We had good chances, but this is football and maybe tonight it should have gone like this. Roma are making a great championship, he doesn’t concede a goal at home. We approached well in the second half, but we could have done better in some situations. We conceded a goal in which Mancini was good, but we had to close earlier,” he added.