Roma-Empoli 7-0: double Dybala, Sanches, own goal by Grassi, Cristante, Lukaku, Mancini

Penalty from the Argentine after one minute. Then Sanches, an own goal from Grassi and in the second half, Joya, Cristante, Romelu and Mancini again. Tuscans with zero points after 4 days, with no goals scored and 12 conceded

Andrea Pugliese

– Rome

Roma brings home their first victory of the season and erases some of the initial ghosts. Because if it is true that Empoli is not a reliable test and that counter-proof is always needed, it is also true that the 7-0 with which Mourinho got rid of the Tuscans is a big hit. Also because he showed off a brilliant Dybala, a growing Lukaku and a very precious Renato Sanches. Even if it was a player often discussed like Cristante who was truly valuable, scoring, giving an assist and causing Grassi’s own goal. All things considered, the best way to erase the bad start to the championship and launch a completely different season.

Giallorossi dominate

Mou made Mdicka’s debut (some mistakes on the dribble) and had to give up Aouar at the last minute due to a physical problem, which led him to propose the midfield again with Cristante and Paredes, as well as Sanches. For Zanetti, however, the luxury forfeit is that of Baldanzi (on the pitch only in the 15th minute of the second half), even if Empoli then bends the knee almost immediately. After 37 seconds, in fact, there is Walukiewicz’s madness (handball on a harmless ball) and the penalty converted by Dybala. With the game going downhill, Roma settled it in the 8th minute with Sanches, who headed home an assist from Kristensen. In short, the ghosts of the first three days were immediately swept away by the Giallorossi, who then also hit a post with Paredes (directly from a corner) and placed the hat-trick on a Lukaku-Cristante combination, with Grassi’s own goal in the attempt to save in extremis. Between the second and third goals, however, Mourinho’s team slows down a lot and then Empoli also tries to build something, even if only a couple of attempts from outside come from Cambiaghi (which is then followed by a Bereszynski shot). Frankly too little, also because the difference in quality on the pitch is too high. Kristensen turns properly this time, Lukaku on the edge is a godsend for insertions from behind and Llorente manages the defense well in place of Smalling.

the goleada

Then Mou leaves Sanches to rest (inside Bove), Zanetti tries to change something with Ismajli and Bastoni. But the music remains the same, with Dybala’s magic after just ten minutes of the second half sending the Olimpico into ecstasy. Then another artistic stroke comes from Joya’s left, on a free kick, but this time it is the crossbar that denies the Argentine the hat-trick. In short, in fact there continues to be only one team on the pitch, even if first a header from Caputo (save) and then a shot from Baldanzi from outside (post) give Rui Patricio shivers. But with a 4-goal advantage, the Giallorossi’s pace inevitably drops and the shock comes only from the corner (26′), when the new banner of the Fedayn (now Gruppo Quadraro) appears, after the theft of the historic one by the Serbian ultras of the Red Star. Before the end, however, Roma started to rev up the engine again and there was still room for Cristante’s 5-0 (strike from 20 meters under the top corner), for the most awaited goal of all, that of Lukaku (on a restart well managed by Belotti) and for Mancini’s 7-0 (header, on a backheel assist from Cristante). This is how it ends, Sheriff now in the Europa League. While Zanetti’s bench, still without points after four days (with no goals scored and 12 conceded), is at serious risk.