“Rom-Com Hair”, romantic comedy style hair for 2024

Pkeyword: romance. Among the new ones haircuts for spring 2024 the “arrives”Rom-Com Hair” a trend that takes inspiration from the love films of the 90s and 2000s. The hair looks are characterized by soft waves, delicately disheveled updos and gentle layers, to frame the face and give a dreamy look. Bridget Jones doc.

Hair, the trendy cuts of 2024. Here are all the inspirations to copy from the stars

Hair trends 2024: “Rom-Com Hair” arrives

Of clear inspiration from 90s and 2000s films, to determine the trend of “Rom-Com Hair” it was celebrity hairstylist Marco Mena who explained the look to Glamor UK how it is trendy: “an evolution of the haircuts of romantic comedy heroines but in a modern way”.

With already over 42 million views on TikTok, the “Rom-Coms Hair” they are the meeting point between a “Butterfly cut” and the brand new “Kitty cut”. The result? A Medium length and extremely layered haircut which frames the face and falls delicately on the shoulders.

From left, Amanda Seyfried prepared by hairstylist Renato Campora, in the center the film Mean Girls (2004), on the right Lily Collins via Instagram.

Adaptable to any hair texture, from straight to curly, i “Rom-Com Hair” they are also very easy to manage, therefore perfect to be styled in updos and semi-updos romantic and dreamy.

How to make the cut

The haircut from which to start to obtain perfect ones “Rom-Com Hair”, again according to Mena, it is Shag cut on which to work with large and vertical layers to give the characteristic movement to the hairlook.

In fact, depending on the length you want to maintain, it is possible to play with the hair, creating a soft and voluminous structure, thus allowing to obtain the much sought after “romantic comedy” allure. What you need to pay attention to, however, specifies the hairstylist, is to create blunt layers that blend perfectly into the hair. Thus avoiding unsightly gaps and giving fluidity to the look.

Wavy, curly and straight: styles to try

Then there is room for styling which in this case can be determined not only by the natural texture of the hair but also by the effect you want to achieve.

Ideal for enhancing the scaling of the “Rom-Com Hair” they are the wide and soft waves to be achieved with a large diameter curling iron or felt curlers, thus giving the hairlook a more ’80s flavour.

There is also room for smooth textures, perfect for evoking the style of 90s and 00s romantic comedies by framing the face with micro front locks. Finally, i “Rom-Com Hair” They also suit the curliest hair. As? With top knot soft and slightly disheveled. Definitely romantic.