Rodrygo extends at Real Madrid – Among the 15 most valuable players worldwide

What you have to remember about Rodrygo is that he performs in the “wrong position”. He feels much more comfortable on the left wing; For example, if you put Vinicius on the right side, he would also be significantly less effective. Especially since Rodrygo comes into his own better as a hanging leader or as a number 10 than on the right wing, which he usually plays. Last season he scored a point every 130 minutes; 30 total in 57 games for Real Madrid. The season before he had a similar average, with 19 points from 49 games. I think for his age this is/was a very good result in one of his weaker positions.
This season he’s playing in a double-strike without an anchor player up front; He also cannot play hanging point in the current formation because Bellingham occupies these spaces. He’s also not in top form – he feels like he has the most shots in the games, but he’s often too hapless and imprecise. However, the tide can quickly turn. Especially at his age, you have to understand fluctuating performance in a new system. I would currently understand a devaluation to 75-80 million. A good comparison could be made with Barcelona’s Raphinha. He is four years older, had a similar cut to Rodrygo, but is hardly effective on the left wing and is a traditional RF. This has a market value of 60 million. An Antony, for example, cost a lot of money, but had a much worse scoring average and was still valued at 50 million.
There are many factors that play into Rodrygo’s market value that are often overlooked. I only looked at the scorers here. For Real’s combination play up front, for example, and as a bottle opener through some individual actions, he was incredibly important for the squad. His joker qualities have also saved Real a few points in the past.

Personally, I am very happy that he has extended! I see a lot of potential in him, even if he’s not having his best moment at the moment. If he was in good form he would have scored a lot more goals this season. But the sheer number of scoring chances he has and the ability to find space clearly speaks for his quality.
Unfortunately, I think it will be difficult for him in the future. If a top striker comes next season, he will probably not remain an undisputed regular player. The formation is likely to be changed upon Ancelotti’s departure; Bellingham’s 10 will likely remain in place if it continues to deliver. This could result in a 4-2-3-1, in which Valverde can probably also switch to the right wing. In addition, you will also get a Kubo back if it continues to perform like it did this season.
Rodrygo won’t have an easy time of it in the future if he doesn’t deliver an absolute explosion in performance. If Real Madrid urgently needs a lot of money, I actually see him as a candidate for sale, as his ideal position(s) are already filled. Nevertheless, I trust him to hold his own, even if not as an absolute undisputed starter, but as an expanded regular player.