Roche share: Positive trial data for early-stage breast cancer treatment

The pharmaceutical company Roche has received positive long-term data from a clinical trial in patients with early-stage breast cancer, showing a significant benefit in overall survival.

The “Katherine” study examined the effectiveness and safety of Kadcyla compared to Herceptin as adjuvant therapy, Roche announced.

The data showed a sustained benefit for Kadcyla, as it reduced the risk of disease recurrence or death from any cause by 46 percent compared to Herceptin. After three years, breast cancer had not recurred in 88.3 percent of patients treated with Kadcyla, compared to 77 percent of patients treated with Herceptin.

Approved in 113 countries, Kadcyla is considered the standard of care for patients with early-stage, HER2-positive breast cancer who have residual invasive disease after preoperative treatment.

By Andrea Figueras

BASEL (Dow Jones)

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