Roberta Morise is getting married and Alberto Matano will celebrate the wedding

The 37-year-old showgirl, ex of Carlo Conti, said yes to the star chef: she is pregnant and is in the seventh month of pregnancy

Patrizia Chimera

Guest of his friend Alberto Matano to Life Live, Roberta Morisepregnant in the seventh month of pregnancy, she announced that she said yes when her boyfriend, the starred chef Enrico Bartolini, he proposed to her. During your time hosted on the Rai1 program you also made a request to the host, who you know very well.

Enrico Bartolini’s marriage proposal to Roberta morise

Live, the 37-year-old Calabrian showgirl told what happened with her boyfriend. The occasion was important: to announce the upcoming wedding and show the video of the marriage proposal that Enrico Bartolini did to Roberta Morise.

It all happened towards the end of the episode of the Rai1 program on 16 February. The host, a very good friend of the ex-partner of Carlo Conti, announced that there was news to break. “Apparently it might seem like a film, but it’s all true. Precisely on Valentine’s Day, as befits fairy tales of love with a capital L, someone at this table received an incredible, wonderful marriage proposal.”

In the video you can see it 45 year old chef, very famous throughout the world, kneel in front of his partner after spending Valentine’s evening together. “I must confess that since I love this girl specially, there is widespread happiness. Seeing you like this, more and more beautiful, with this radiant look, makes us very happy”, this is Matano’s comment.

Alberto Matano will celebrate Roberta Morise’s wedding

A beaming bride-to-be starts crying on live TV when she sees those images again. “I’m very happy, it was all so fast and unexpected, it seems like a dream. As the song says, like in fairy tales, there is a perfect half and happiness exists and I am happy in this moment.”

When her friend Alberto Matano asks her if they already know when the wedding will take place, that’s it Roberta Morise makes him a proposal. “I’m here to ask you something… Do you want to celebrate my wedding? I would like it very much.” He jokes, already seeing himself in the shoes of Father Albert. But in the end he adds: “I can say that I am very happy and I am already there.”

After this second announcement, the future groom also arrives on the show. For the couple it is the first time ever together on TV. The occasion is important and decidedly moving for everyone, including the host.