Robert ten Brink is annoyed by Tina Nijkamp: ‘What nonsense!’

Robert ten Brink criticizes the criticism of viewing figures expert Tina Nijkamp that his TV show Opvoeding Doe Je Zo is ‘the worst format of this TV season’. “What nonsense that is.”


It’s one of the biggest flops in Robert ten Brink’s TV career: Upbringing Doe Je Zo. The program was recently shortened by one episode because the viewing figures and content fell short. “It was also the worst format of this TV season so far,” commented viewing figures expert and former SBS boss Tina Nijkamp.

‘What nonsense!’

Robert thinks it’s very bland of Tina, who is a regular guest in Humberto Tan’s talk show. “What nonsense that is,” he responds in Party magazine. “I mean: that way you can push everything into the ground. There are also a lot of people who say: ‘What a nice program. It’s about educating.’”

Perhaps Tina does not belong to the target group, says the irritated Robert. “Especially people with small children liked it. I can imagine people without children thinking: what is this? That’s fine.”

Did Robert have to leave RTL?

Özcan Akyol’s VARAgids column also discussed Robert’s program. There it was suggested that RTL forced this program on the presenter: “What did RTL do to him?!”

De Party: “Did RTL 4 say to you: you have a contract with us and you have to present Opvoeding Doe Je Zo?”

Robert then: “No, no, no. I liked it.”

water drops

The 66-year-old Robert says he shrugs his shoulders for all the criticism. “I already let that drop of water from a duck slide off me,” he says with a laugh.