Robby Valentine still ‘big in Japan’ thanks to new record deal and album release

Almost blind due to eye disease

In his room, which has been converted into a home studio, Robby Valentine writes the lyrics for the new album and plays all the instruments. Normally quite a challenge, but for the singer from Hoogkarspel there is an extra component during the making process.

The singer lost almost all of his vision due to an eye infection. Valentine is blind in his right eye, and has about two percent vision in his left eye. “Even if you travel to the end of the world, we still can’t do anything for you,” Robert and Marlies agree May last year from the ophthalmologists. The singer’s vision will never improve again.

Eye almost had to be removed recently

“It has even worsened in recent weeks,” says Robert about his situation. “What I can see with my left eye has been measured at about 1.67 percent. And I got an infection in my blind eye, which almost had to be removed. Fortunately, the treatment worked. In a way I’m glad that it happened in that eye happened and not in the eye that I can still see with.”

He can still perform, but it does bring additional difficulties. The possible trip to Japan is therefore something the singer should think about carefully. “Maybe it’s ironic, but I recently said that going to Japan is no longer worth it. Being on stage is the most beautiful thing there is, although it becomes less fun if you don’t see the audience. But if you are asked to to go, the blood creeps again where it cannot go.”