Robber caught thanks to observant construction workers ‘What does that guy want?’

The man suspected of having stolen an expensive Bentley during a robbery of an older man in Valkenswaard has been arrested in Steensel thanks to a tip from observant construction workers. He hung around the construction site after all. “I thought, what is this guy doing here?” The stolen Bentley has now also been found.

Still a bit dazed, the construction workers tell their story. “We were just working,” says crane operator Cor. “A young man in a cap came to have a look. That in itself is not so strange, there are more people who find the machines interesting. But he kept hanging around and hid his jacket and a black sports bag behind a pole in the bushes.”

When a police helicopter flew over, his colleague Onno smelled danger. “I suddenly thought: might they be looking for him?” Onno decided to sit in his bus, so that the suspect could not see him. There he called 911. “I didn’t want the man to see that I was on the phone, because I was afraid he would run away. Within five minutes the police were here. They arrested him. He did not resist.”

Still, the arrest did not go completely smoothly, explains Onno. “That man suddenly passed out, with his head on the ground. Then an ambulance arrived. He was checked, but in the end the police took him.”

The construction workers see how the police get the hidden jacket and bag from behind the pole. Cor describes: “What came out of the bag resembled the loot from the robbery. I saw several boxes and I think there were also jewelry with it.”

The men do not have long to dwell on the spectacle. Because the work continues. Cor concludes with a laugh: “But we’ll have a good story when we get home tonight.”

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