Rob Kemps the repeat kid of 2023? “Stop talking about that cemetery!”

When Rob Kemps and his girlfriend are not busy posing for paparazzi, he is somewhere at a talk show table talking about Parisian cemeteries. “Repeat Claus!”

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Rob Kemps looks back on a terrible year. His popularity has definitely faded and his TV contract is about to expire: what a mess the showbiz world can be if you don’t have a good image. In between all that strange stuff with his new girlfriend, he tries to pick up his craft again: reviving clichés about Paris in the media.

Rob is ready to repeat

We also keep hearing from Rob lately about some Parisian cemetery, one of his favorite places in the city. That’s all well and good, but the ruthless ratings spitter Tina Nijkamp has heard enough now. She puts Rob at number one on her list of the biggest TV repeaters of 2023. Ruthless.

Tina on her analysis channel: “The top five TV repeats in 2023? On one: Rob Kemps who says he loves French chansons and the Père-Lachaise cemetery.”

Krezip drummer

On to number two. “The attention for the drummer from Krezip who became a drummer with U2. Did a week go by when it wasn’t talked about on talk shows?”

Who will complete the top three? “André Hazes Jr. says that things are going better than ever.”

Oh yes, horrible. That he does everything differently now. That he feels better now than ever. And we all need to know it. And even better? Handing out compliments. How well he does that. Sigh… Can someone limit André’s signal to Ahoy? Then, given his mediocre ticket sales, we will only have to deal with it once a year at most. Saves again.

Where did Matthijs go?

Back to Tina’s list. At four? “Channels that say when they see flops that ‘at least something new is being tried’. Agree, but a flop also says that the completely wrong new format has been chosen by the channel bosses.”

The top five ends with the question: which channel does Matthijs van Nieuwkerk go to? Talpa, NPO or RTL? Tina can’t listen to it anymore…