Rob Kemps loses exclusive contract with SBS 6: ‘Free to go’

It was already happening: Rob Kemps, who has completely destroyed his own image, loses his exclusive and therefore lucrative contract with SBS 6. “He is going freelance.”


Things can move quickly in the TV world: Rob Kemps was praised from all sides after his participation in De Slimste Mens, was allowed to visit Parisian cemeteries with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and then opted for a disastrous switch to SBS 6. All those TV flops, along with abandoning his young family for his backup dancer, destroyed him.

Contract expires

And now? It is over with his exclusive contract with SBS 6, reveals Tina Nijkamp, ​​the former program boss of that channel. “March is really one of those contract months. The contracts of many presenters expire in the summer and then they start serious negotiations in March,” she explains in her podcast Tina’s TV Update.

Tina already has news. “In any case, I can report that Rob Kemps’ contract with SBS 6 expires in June, but that contract will be a freelance contract. So he doesn’t leave the channel and he also gets a program. I don’t know which program that is.”

Freelance thing

To make his TV exit a little less painful, Rob is allowed to do some freelance work. “Perhaps it is something like that docuseries about Elvis and that he is now going to do it about The Bee Gees, but perhaps it is also something about the European Football Championship. In any case, his contract will be a freelance contract.”

SBS 6 no longer wants Rob to be exclusive. “He is free to go wherever he wants. Then he can also very easily work on other channels or streaming services.”

Television trend

Freelancing is also a trend, says Tina. “A lot of presenters become freelancers. Winston Gerschtanowitz, for example, has also become this and the public broadcaster is teeming with freelancers such as Harm Edens and Patrick Lodiers. That is really a current trend.”

The contract of RTL 4 star Edson Da Graça also expires in the summer. “What’s going to happen with that? I do expect him to get a two-year extension.”