Rob Kemps is silent about political preference

Rob Kemps is constantly haunted by it: the carnival song in which he roars ‘from left to right’. When it comes to his political preference – left or right – he remains tight-lipped.

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You can’t make celebrities more uncomfortable than asking them on television for their political opinion, or even worse: political preference. The stars of our country prefer to keep themselves as far away from politics as possible so as not to offend followers. After all: fewer followers means less income. Celebrities are ultimately their own brand.

Left or right?

What celebrities shout when they are asked a political question? That they have not looked into it, that they still have to fill in the voting guide or that they have not watched the news for days. And Rob Kemps is also not tempted to comment on political issues, as was the case last weekend in the Paul de Leeuw show. Hotel Hollandia.

Paul: “I was wondering: are you left-wing or are you right-wing?”

Rob: “I am left-footed and right-handed.”

PvdA or BBB?

Paul tries again: “No, are you the Labor Party or BBB?”

Rob: “I have to say, but I mean that seriously: so much is going to change now that I haven’t really figured it out yet.”

Paul: “Do you also do such a Electoral Compass?”

Rob: “Yes, always, but that never really matches what I actually want to vote for.”

Pirate party

Paul: “Always the Pirate Party?”

Rob: “Yes, something like that, yes, that’s what I’ll come up with, yes.”

Paul: “What did you vote for last time?”

Rob became more uncomfortable: “Um, well… To Paul de Leeuw. Hahahaha.”

Paul: “No, of course I’m not a party!”

Budget Day

By the way, has Rob also been watching the live report of Prinsjesdag? “I think it takes a bit long, but I can make it through the current affairs programs afterwards. For example, that the king wore reading glasses for the first time or something. I’ll get that then. But I’m not going to sit and watch all day.”

Many celebrities make a fortune and as a true Talpa star, Rob will probably be in the liberal corner.