Rob Goossens gives Eva Jinek ‘benefit of doubt’ after denial

Rob Goossens gives Eva Jinek the ‘benefit of the doubt’ after her flat denial that she has arranged a salary structure at the NPO. “Then we have to believe it.”


It has been buzzing around for six months: Eva Jinek is said to have arranged a salary structure at the public broadcaster, so that she can earn more than the salary ceiling of over €200,000. Rob Goossens was at the forefront of the rumored fanfare; he said at the end of December that he was doing serious ‘research’ into it: “I’m getting more and more information.”

Benefit of the doubt

Now that Eva is flatly in denial, Rob seems to be backing down somewhat. “If she says so, then we just have to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially bearing in mind that a motion was passed by the House this week that provides more clarity about the payments from the NPO.”

A motion has been adopted in De Telegraaf asking the cabinet to enforce transparency at the NPO when it comes to the salaries of TV stars. “So if Eva Jinek says this and it turns out to be incorrect…,” says Rob. Then the turnips are done, he wants to say. And she won’t want to take that risk…


What does Rob think of Eva giving such a big interview to an AvroTros program on NPO Radio 1? “Surprising and yet also a bit jealous, because when she was still with us, we really had to promise that Aran could come to the studio. Then she might want to give an interview.”

Aran Bade is more favorable to Eva than Rob, who, according to the presenter, delivers structurally shoddy work, just like Bridget Maasland. Rob: “Now she’s going to sit with a colleague on her first day at work just for fun!”

Nice and in place

According to Luuk Ikink, it is clear that Eva feels like a fish in water at the NPO. “Maybe it also shows that she really feels comfortable there in one way or another.”

Rob: “Yes, and we have always felt that a bit, all these years, at RTL. That she didn’t take that step wholeheartedly. In that respect, it might be a good thing that she is back at the NPO.”