Rob Goossens feels quite screwed by Yvonne Coldeweijer. He joined her paid spy chat, but she quit shortly after. “I paid 120 euros!”

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    Yvonne Coldeweijer started this year with a spy chat, where she provided paying users with exclusive content. The channel was a success with thousands of subscribers at its peak, all paying a tenner a month. After some time it became increasingly quiet in the chat and recently she announced that she would stop doing so indefinitely.

    120 euros

    It is a disappointment for Rob Goossens. “I went for the ax on July 27th. I thought: you know what, I secretly find it interesting and I’m just going to subscribe to her spy army. I thought, you know, I’ll just pay for a year in advance right away, otherwise I’ll have that hassle every month. I immediately, ka-ching, tapped 120 euros.”

    The television expert tells in The BLVD Podcast that there are not that many messages posted in that chat. “And it’s actually moving very quickly towards the announcement that she will be taking a temporary break from the spy app.”

    ‘Damn it!’

    Rob feels cheated. “In three and a half months she has posted sixteen messages. I paid a damn 120 euros for sixteen messages. I just paid 7.5 euros for the message that she is taking a temporary break from the spy army app.”

    He continues: “You kind of assume that you will read spectacular news from the front row with her for a year. Although I follow her for 10 percent for the news and for 90 percent because I also just like to hear what she thinks about things.”

    Angry and sad

    Colleague Luuk Ikink understands that. “Of course, she can always tell that in a tasty way. That is why you follow her, because the news will come to you.”

    How Rob feels? Jokingly: “Angry and sad and disappointed. I’m not going to ask for my money back, but every time I see that stupid Starbucks cup of hers now, I think: I paid for it.”


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