In the future, Pike wants to show more of his emotions both in music and on the sidelines of the soccer field.

    Rap artist PapiPiken life is busy enough. In addition to reviving his own rap career, Pike has his hands full with three children and their hobbies, being a soccer coach, and managing family life.

    – You have to hurry. Especially when the third child was born a year ago, he took the mood to a whole new level. It was nice to go back to the beginning and see that baby mood. I’m quite an emotional father, says Pike.

    Pike says that he has received comments from his friends about his change. – My friends have said in the studio that I’m a completely different person. They have fun with me in the studio, Pike rejoices. JANI KORPELA

    Pike, real name Pierlin Mpaka Makumbu, is most familiarly known at home as father or priest. For this reason, his stage name has also undergone a transformation during this year. Previously Pastor Pikena the Pike that appeared is the present day PapiPike.

    – I’m the host! Reverend Pike had good points, but I felt like I had to be a positive ambassador of love all the time. I was never allowed to open up or feel anger. It started to eat me from the inside, Pike opens up about the reasons for the change.

    As a pastor to the altar

    Pike says he’s had to tell people a few times that he’s not a real pastor. In Pike’s opinion, the former stage name carried too much responsibility.

    – I received a message: “Pike, do you want to come and marry us? You’re so good at making music and on TV, so could you come to our wedding?”. I thought what the heck, it’s just a stage name, I’m not a real pastor! Pike laughs.

    There is one skill Pike would like to learn in his life. – I would like to learn to be patient, he admits. JANI KORPELA

    He says that he understands that people will remember him for a long time as a pastor. However, Pike has already released new music under the name PapiPike.

    Feedback from the new one Come on-song together with a rap artist Costin According to Pike, it has been good with him and people still remember him. However, he doesn’t monitor numbers or list positions any more.

    – I’m not in a hurry for those list things, the time will come when it comes. I’m just at the beginning and I want to create a sustainable career, he states.

    Pike says that the best feedback about songs comes from children. He reveals that he plays each of his songs to children before release.

    – The child’s mouth always speaks directly and sometimes even so directly that it annoys. If they don’t jam the song, there’s something wrong with it, laughs Pike.

    From father to son

    According to Pike, the corona period disciplined the family’s financial situation, but also gave an opportunity to focus on other things. Pike used the time to devote himself to his other passion: football.

    – I started coaching soccer for children so that I can show my children how a man takes responsibility for his family, Pike explains.

    Pike is serious about his son’s future. – The only thing that scares me is the circle of friends of the future teenager. If he has become like me, he will keep his goal. If he has received his mother’s wisdom, then he will easily go far. JANI KORPELA

    Pike’s oldest child, 10 years old of Jeroboal skills on the ball field have also been noticed even abroad. Pike says that he promised the boy that he would support his son’s development towards a career as a professional player.

    – During the Corona period, training was easy because there was nothing but time, there were no gigs. I think I wouldn’t be as close to my son now if it wasn’t for the corona. I would have always been at gigs and when I got home I was really tired, he states.

    – Jerobeal was still at the age where he needs a father, support and a role model. He said to me one day: “Dad, I want to try to be the best”. I promised him that I would always support him, Pike says gently.

    A stressor

    Pike says he is a perfectionist. For this reason, even the children at home may notice that the father is in a bad mood.

    – I’m a really bad stressor. The children then go to ask the mother if the father is all right. I want to show my children all my feelings, because in my own youth I wasn’t allowed to show my feelings, says Pike.

    Pike says that he was glad that he went to therapy. – The therapist is like a best friend, even if I don’t hang out anywhere, he is still my best friend. JANI KORPELA

    In the rapper’s family, feelings are talked about openly anyway. Pike has also sought help from therapy from time to time. Especially after the Farmi program and the Reissumies uproar, Pike wanted to open his thoughts to a professional.

    Reissumies bread bags featured the faces of three well-known public figures last year. This sparked an avalanche of racist comments, and Pike was caught in the eye of the storm because of his skin color.

    – Going to therapy is fun and strange, you can tell him everything there and he listens. He never says anything against you, he just tries to understand you. I hope that all young people who need it get therapy.

    The 35-year-old rapper says that adulthood feels good.

    – It’s nice that I’ve gotten over my teenage life and finally feel like I’m really an adult. Now I start to build my own and my family’s life and focus on things that will move our dreams forward, he concludes.