Road accidents, bus with migrants collides on the A1. The drivers died

There are 14 injured. The bus collided with an articulated lorry on the Autostrada del Sole near Fiano Romano

2 dead and 14 injured in the accident which occurred in the early hours of Friday 15 September on the A1 motorway, near Fiano Romano, in the province of Rome, between a heavy vehicle and a bus used by the prefecture of Agrigento which transported migrants transferred from Lampedusa to reception centers in Piedmont.

the victims

The causes of the accident are still under investigation. The two drivers who lost their lives were both Italian. Their names are Alberto Vella and Davide Giudice. The first was 34 years old, the second 32. They were both from Favara, in the Agrigento area. 14 migrants were injured in the crash while 35 others remained unharmed. The migrants on board the bus had landed in Lampedusa in recent days.