Risto Uusivirta is the hardest ski service provider in Finland

Biathlon skier Risto Uusivirta played in the Finnish Cup – and stood out from the crowd with his headgear.

Risto Uusivirta30, is the hardest ski fat man in Finland.

– The team hasn’t been able to measure, but I’m probably at the top, Uusivirta smiles.

On Sunday, a member of the maintenance team of the biathlon national team was 22nd in the free 30-kilometer free start race of the Ruka Finnish Cup. He lost the winner To Iivo Niskanen five minutes.

– The whole trip was bad for another hour. You have to go crazy for all kinds of madness. Koirikivi Anssi attracted and at the Finnish Championships in Rovaniemi I promised to ski in the message, so I went to get a feel for a while.

The performance of the new current is excellent compared to its training background. He says he has been out on skis in these snow for 3,500 miles, but most of the miles have come with ski testing.

– It’s nice to go on the field to try it out, so you don’t have to blame the athletes in vain when you know how you feel when you get serious.

Mill as an idol

Risto Uusivirta doesn’t change two things: a ski hat and an opinion of Mika Myllylä. Jussi Saarinen

Uusivirta has also made a heavy impression on its construction site. He ended up biathlon with his companion from the Kiila of Haapajärvi Tero Seppälä attracted.

– I have been working in a handmade company for 15 years, so maybe I have been able to bring something new to biathlon maintenance.

Lightweight Uusivirta helps in the same size range as Seppälä. This is a significant advantage in ski tests.

– I’m not terribly overweight, so I can test women’s skis too.

The example of the Haapajärvi host is, of course Mika Myllylä.

– That’s clear. No need to ask who has been the most.

Like Myllylä, have you trained in the swamps of Tervaneva?

– Even closer you can find enough wet bogs.

The new current can be described as a tough endurance athlete, as the placard has the fourth place in the Finnish Championship place in 2017 and the sixth place two years earlier.

K-store cap

Risto Uusivirta was handsomely 22nd on Sunday in the 30 km free race of the Ruka Finnish Cup. Jussi Saarinen

Uusivirta stands out from the crowd with its more than 20-year-old headgear. It has a K-store ad.

– The store has changed owner and location. Dozens of races have been pulled on this. It always wants to be away during training, so at least I’ve been skiing it for 20,000 kilometers.

The beanie is not a technical material.

– I was thinking that I would not keep these new swimming caps at least in my own competitions.

The beanie tassel has remained in the miter, but the headgear has loosened with the washes.

– A few times I’ve had to sew to get the beanie tighter.

Which is more specific: ski sanding or washing your race hat?

– Both require iron skills.


Rukan Finnish Cup Men’s 30km

1. Iivo Niskanen, 1.09.05

2. Remi Lindholm, +1.50.7

3. Lauri Lepistö, +2.02.3

4. Markus Vuorela, +2.07.9

5. Juuso Tossavainen, +2.08.3

6. Ville Ahonen, +2.46.7

7. Joni Mäki, +2.52.1

8. Heikki Korpela, +3.08.6

9. Kalle Parantainen, +3.23.9

10. Niko Husu, +3.36.6