Rise of the Ronin, unlock time: when the PS5 exclusive comes out

Rise of the Ronin will arrive on PS5 on March 22, sharing the release date with the highly anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2. But at what time exactly?

Rise of the Ronin arrives on PS5 on March 22, sharing a release date with the highly anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2 – meaning both RPGs will go head-to-head in a direct battle for attention and power. ‘purchase.

Even if the ronin will not arise in South Korea due to the delicate historical context in which it is set, you can expect the open world game to be available everywhere, including Italy.

If you want to dive into the samurai adventure on release day or even take on the challenge of playing both RotR and Dragon’s Dogma 2 at launch – good luck! – you will need to know everything about the unlock time, preload and download size to be able to best prepare. For all this information, look below.

Rise of the Ronin: unlock time —

Rise of the Ronin releases March 22, 12:00 AM local time. This is a typical midnight regional launch, as we’re used to seeing from Sony. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take advantage of this because the so-called New Zealand trick doesn’t work on PS5. PlayStation accounts are based on a specific region and it is not possible to change it at will as is the case with Xbox Series X|S, where this maneuver is often used to play new releases in advance. Both the standard and deluxe editions of the game will be available on the same day. The most expensive version does not have an early access period.

The preload —

Here’s the good news: You may not be able to play the game ahead of time, but you can save yourself the wait for the download on launch day by preloading the game. The preload will be available on March 15th, at midnight local time, exactly one week before release.

How many GB does Rise of the Ronin weigh? —

RotR won’t have the ridiculous download size of a Call of Duty game, but you will still have to prepare for a considerable amount of data: according to PlayStation Game SizeRise of the Ronin will download for 96.3 GB, so be sure to check if you have enough free space on your console.