Riots in Sweden again after meeting right-wing extremist Paludan | Abroad

Police have not confirmed that she shot three people, but she does state on her own website that a man may have been hit in the leg by a ricocheted bullet after a warning shot. About 150 people were involved in the riots in Norrköping, about 160 kilometers southwest of the capital Stockholm. Police arrested four rioters.

There have been disturbances in Sweden for four days in a row. The reason was always a meeting organized by the Danish right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan in which a Quran was to be burned. This previously led to resistance and riots in Malmö, Örebro, Linköping and Landskrona, mainly causing material damage. Some police officers were also injured.

Quran burning

So far, only Thursday has it actually come to a Koran burning in Malmö. Violence also broke out in that city last night when it became known that the extremist group of Paludan wanted to do another burning. Vehicles were set on fire and some protesters threw rocks at the police. It did not come to a Koran burning.