Ridley Scott wanted to be a cowboy as a teenager

From BZ/dpa

Director Ridley Scott (“Napoleon”), famous for bombastic films, is currently working on a western.

“I already have a script,” the 85-year-old revealed to “Der Spiegel” magazine. “The story revolves around a Native American girl who becomes infected with measles. They were like the plague back then.”

The Brit didn’t say anything about the details, but he did say something about the reasons for his dream. “When I was 16, I wanted to be a cowboy. I think my parents thought I had roof damage at the time.”

According to Scott’s own assessment, he would definitely have been able to do this in terms of sport. “I had riding lessons with a German teacher named Mr. Grüner. I could ride like a Comanche! When I was eleven, I could get off and on a horse at full gallop.”

However, his current film is not set in the USA. “Napoleon” is a historical epic about the famous French emperor, who died around 200 years ago, and will be released in cinemas on Thursday.

In his own words, Scott owes his fascination with topics from the past to a teacher at his school who recommended the historical novels of the author CS Forester to him. “My teacher said, I know you’ll love his books because they have a lot of sex in them. But all historical key dates and events are described correctly. So I went for it.”

However, Scott doesn’t think much of explicit love scenes in films as an end in themselves. “A couple rolling around in bed moaning, this artificial Oh! and Ah!… I find that boring most of the time. Nobody needs that,” the 85-year-old told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on Saturday. “If you do it, the scene has to show more than sex.”