Revolutionary decisions in football! IFAB introduces 3 rules – Last minute Football news

The IFAB’s annual general assembly meeting was held in Scotland. In the news compiled by NTV Spor, approval was given to test 3 new rules at the meeting where some rule changes were discussed.

In the statement on the IFAB’s website, it was stated that the 3 approved rules will be tested in the lower leagues. In the statement, the following information was shared about the rules to be tested:

In certain situations only the team captain can speak to the referee

Some timeouts where referees will request teams to go to their own penalty areas

The goalkeeper’s throw-in time has been increased to eight seconds; if 8 seconds pass, the ball will pass to the opposing team.


No statement has been published regarding the blue card application, which is another rule that IFAB wants to try. FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated in his statement before the IFAB’s general assembly meeting that they were against the blue card application.

Infantino said in his statement: “I was not aware of this issue. I am the president of FIFA and I think FIFA has a say in the IFAB. I don’t know if you want a title, a red card for a blue card. But once you look at it, you have to protect the game, the essence and tradition of the game. Blue card “There is no such thing,” he said.