You have to trust this e-drums first. Bumm-Paff does it, pretty stupid and dull. As if SG Lewis wanted to make sure that even the biggest body thief could feel at home on his dance floor. TIMES, the 2021 debut of the disco prodigy, was a little more sophisticated, nerdy, houseier, but backed up with guest stars like Nile Rodgers and Robyn.

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    With Tove Lo, Ty Dolla $ign or Lucky Daye, the features on AUDIOLUST & HIGHERLOVE aren’t all that prominent, but the pieces are clearly structured: Above said, foolproof mid-tempo 4/4 are glittering keyboard carpets, which in turn are covered by squeaky synth ’80s sounds scuttle as voices soar to heights only real divas don’t crash from.

    Everything shimmers and sparkles like, well, that’s how it is, a freshly polished disco ball. Above all, Lewis’ achievement consists in successfully beating the worst of the dust out of the white polyester jacket of this antiquated approach.


    Hot Chip :: Freakout/Release

    With Disco Noir, the Brits reliably wobble between deep philosophy and Tanzbodenstudio 54.

    Riki :: Gold

    The Californian slides through the rocked-down dark disco on broken glass.

    Jungle :: Loving In Stereo

    The disco funkers are finally sanding the edges of their earlier musical carelessness.


    Nirvana, The Supremes & Nile Rodgers receive Lifetime Achievement Grammys

    For the first time since 2020, the “Special Merit Awards” will be presented at the Grammys again this year. The winners have already been determined for three categories.

    The Parisian queen of the night Régine is dead

    She is considered the inventor of the nightclub. Over the years, Régine built a worldwide nightclub empire from Paris to Rio de Janeiro.

    Shirin David: Jean Paul Gaultier is a fan

    In the video for “I can do that”, Shirin David wore a smart jumpsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier. The flashy fashion designer also noticed this himself ‚Äď and he now gave her his blessing via Insta story.