Schmyt will deliver. After features at RIN and Haftbefehl, at least part of the German rap scene quickly settled on this working thesis. That this could be the case was already confirmed by the Berliner’s first own EP last year. Their sound was reminiscent of Frank Ocean. Schmyt can’t shake off the comparison with his debut album UNIVERSUM REGELT either. But there are worse references.

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    And it’s just a comparison, because Schmyt definitely presents his own artistic idea here. Where R’n’B also mixes with pop and hip-hop. Every beat sparkles like the glow of the big city’s neon signs. Schmyt tinkers thematically through world pain, fear and lovesickness. The best prerequisite for modern drama: the world is constantly screwed, feelings are broken anyway and everything is complicated.

    And then this self-doubt: “I don’t think I’ll make myself a son of a bitch for you.” Together with the producers Bazzazian and Alexis Troy, Schmyt developed the gentle, heavy sound. Most of the time, slowed down determines the mood here. What makes UNIVERSUM REGLT so engaging. There are no experiments outside of this comfort zone. Schmyt then puts the most intense moment of the album at the end. One final time, it echoes with rapper OG Keemo, “I’m letting go.” The universe rules. Everything delivered to satisfaction.

    Author: Bjorn Bischoff


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