The final part of the Röyksopp trilogy PROFOUND MYSTERIES begins with “So Ambiguous”. “Ambiguous” can be translated as “ambiguous”, an adjective that also provides the title for the project. Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland approached the matter too ambitiously, with numerous guest singers (including Alison Goldfrapp and Susanne Sundfør), visualizations and videos for the songs and a sound that always wants to be “big”, but often sits between all chairs .


    So the songs on PROFOUND MYSTERIES III sometimes sound like Pet Shop Boys, sometimes like Nils Frahm and can’t decide in which direction they want to go. The album is always good when the positioning of the songs is clear: “The Night” for example with guest singer Alison Goldfrapp as housy electro-pop, or “Speed ​​King” as an almost abstract sound construction.


    Phoenix :: Alpha Zulu

    The clever pop from Paris sounds more thoughtful than last time.

    Mount Kimbie :: MK 3.5: The Cuts | city ​​planning

    Hip-hop here, avant-techno there: Dom Maker and Kai Campos each do their own thing.

    Steffi :: The Red Hunter

    The Berghain resident does creative mourning with complex electro rhythms.


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