Review: Patrice :: 9

After a seven-year release break, Patrice is back with a poppy reggae record.

The now 44-year-old Patrice has been releasing albums for 20 years and has always tried to expand his music in one way or another – while still remaining true to his reggae roots. 9 also allows for other influences here and there, but doesn’t surprise you with a new version of Patrice. He still focuses on love for himself, for others and for life. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing: Patrice sounds authentic in these songs and manages to pull into the record. “Become Who You Are” starts off gently with electric guitar inserts, teases with rattling sounds and then creates a vibe with the catchy beat that you’re happy to follow.


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While Patrice’s voice still sounds gentle and cuddly here, the singer shows his variety of sounds in the following song “Sentinel”. The work brings you back down to earth with the piano inserts and a rough, almost mournful voice without becoming a ballad: the haunting beat makes the track seem more dynamic and lively.