Review of ‘See you in August’: the novel of the woman who invents her destiny

Hay en esta breve joya de la literatura universal ‘En agosto nos vemos’ (Random House, 2024) de Gabriel García Márquez, seis capítulos y setenta páginas [el manuscrito], a renewed vision of love on the shoulders of a woman, Ana Magdalena Bach, the protagonist who is 46 years old, married for 27 years to a man she “loved and who loved her,” and went to the altar without completing her studies in Arts and Sciences. Letters, being a virgin and without having previous boyfriends. She is the mother of two children: a 22-year-old young man, first cello of the national symphony orchestra, and Micaela, 18 years old, who wanted to be a nun of the order of the Discalced Carmelites. An apparent marriage where everything seemed to flow is what leads the author to create the singular paradox that “nothing is more like hell than a happy marriage.”